UL467       INSO18.499        IEC62561

Stainless Steel Earth Rod

Stainless Steel Earth Rod Electrodes have Excellent Corrosion Resistance and relatively good Electrical Conductivity.

Stainless Steel Rods are manufactured according to IEC 62561 Suitable for Earthing installation and lightning protection installations.

Tajhizat System Zamin Co. Manufactures Stainless steel Earth Rods that  comply with IEC 62561 For Lightning  Protection Systems and BS EN 7430 For  Earthing Systems.

using AISI 304 / 316 Stainless Steel  Raw material to manufacture earth rods assures long service life in highly  corrosive  soils  , TSZ Co.  Stainless  Steel Rods   have   as  low   resistance  of   0.714μ/m  and  precise   calculations according   to  BS  EN  7430  will   result  in  a  great  earth  connection   with low resistance and long service life.


Stainless Steel Earth  Rods are Available  in 16mm & 20mm Ø with  length up  to  3000mm , referring to  high  mechanical  strength of  Stainless  steel , Earth  rods  can  be manufactured in any length required , also for ease of installation rods can be threaded for coupling and extension of length.


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